Operational and Procurement Resources

Photo credits Rachel Mara

These resources have been suggested to us by temples who utilize such products. These resources are not intended to be an endorsement. We do not receive any remuneration for listing them.

Sources of Biodegradable Dinnerware and Takeaway Containers

Devotee-run business supplying plates, cutlery, takeaway containers

Major supplier with a wide range of products.

Major supplier with a wide range of products.


Source of banana leaf plates & bowls made by villagers in Tamilnadu, led by a retired chemical engineer – Soundar, +91 94454 38876
(they also make yoga mats with natural fibers)

Sources of Other Supplies

Major supplier with a source of electric hand dryers
(skip the paper towels!)

Inexpensive source of LED and CFL bulbs meeting a wide range of needs.

Do you have a preferred supplier of sustainable products to suggest to us?