Endorsements of the IEI

One of the purposes of ISKCON, given by Srila Prabhupada, is "teaching a simpler more natural way of life." This involves relying upon the gifts of nature. However, in these times the natural gifts are threatened by an ecological crisis, a crisis for which we ourselves are responsible. Since the very beginnings of ISKCON, its members have made efforts to remedy this situation. And now a new generation is stepping forward to build on these contributions by inviting ISKCON to renew its commitment to fulfill one of its founding purposes. I am encouraged seeing the progress of the ISKCON Environmental Initiative. The initiative is firmly rooted in our theology, as shown in the document "The Ecotheology of Our Tradition," and is furthermore suggesting practical actions to be taken, in the document "Three Tiers of Environmental Sustainability for ISKCON."

Drutakarma Das

Author, Divine Nature
Care for the environment is deeply embedded in Gaudiya Vaishnava theology and practice. Given the state of the world's ecosystems, it is essential that Vaishnavas put these principles into practice, both among ourselves and in the communities that we inhabit. The ISKCON Green Team/ISKCON Environmental Initiative (IEI) is a much-needed and appreciated step in this direction, and I commend the initiative wholeheartedly.

Radhika Raman (Dr. Ravi Gupta)

Professor of Religious Studies, Utah State University